5/8″ On the Go Pipe Kit: Modern Studio


Open up a whole range of rigging and support options with this 5/8″ Pipe Kit. Including aluminum and steel parts, the wide variety of rod lengths and connectors make this kit useful for car rigging, tabletop lighting, and unconventional support needs. When a longarm or shortarm just won’t cut it in tight spaces, the 5/8″ Pipe Kit allows you to use rods and accessories of the same small diameter to work with a range of miniature equipment. Sometimes you just don’t know how a rig will come together until you’re there on the day with your hands on the gear. The kit comes in a tri-fold canvas bag filled with 5/8″ hardware for whatever flexible support need you may have. See this link for the manufacturer’s inventory of what this kit includes.

Daily Rate $75
Weekly Rate $225