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Rental Equip Insurance Options

Every Rental Requires One of the Following Coverage Options:

Bring your own Insurance

If you have your own equipment insurance, you're welcome to email us your COI and we'll apply it to your job.

The COI billing Name and Address must match your rental agreement billing information. See Rental Guidelines FAQ.

Get an Athos Quote

Lightbulb is partnered with Athos Insurance to offer a variety of convenient insurance quotes depending if you need just Equipment coverage, or up to an entire Film Production Insurance package.

Take a look at the links below to apply for a quote for insurance!

Credit Card Hold

For small orders, purchasing insurance isn't always price-effective. For *some* orders under $3000 in replacement value and requesting no high-value items, we can apply a credit card hold instead of insurance.

See Rental Guidelines FAQ for more details about how Credit Card Holds work at Lightbulb.

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Equipment Insurance

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Film Production Insurance

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Instant Video Equipment Insurance Quotes • Solid Coverage

Athos Insurance is a national leader in supporting independent film, TV, and Photo productions with customized rented equipment insurance coverage that fits their needs. Options

Rented Equipment Coverage

This policy will cover production equipment rented from a third party such as a rental house or individual owner.

  • Select your own rental term, as short as a few days, up to one year
  • Select your own limit of insurance, deductibles and additional coverage
  • Generate certificates of insurance for your vendors immediately and for free
  • Going abroad? No problem. Worldwide coverage applies*

General Liability

Through our partnership with Thimble, offers you general on-demand general liability coverage.

  • Purchase a policy for your desired period of time (as little as a few hours to up to almost one year!)
  • Easily submit a certificate of insurance listing your vendor as additional insured
  • Rest assured... You can add additional crew members, employees, volunteers, etc. to your policy so everyone's covered is a reliable option to Athos. They are backed by The Heffernan Group, which is an established national insurance broker. Click above for a free instant quote that fits your project! 

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