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Lightbulb Rentals is a Camera, Lighting, and Production Supplies rental house that caters to Film, TV, Photo and Studio shoots in NYC, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh by teaching, building, and fostering community.

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Whether you’re doing a music video, commercial, or photo shoot, we have studio spaces and equipment available that will fit your budget.

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Deep Values

Our team is committed to supporting passion projects, encouraging young crew members, and creating space for women, LGBTQIA+, and minority filmmakers. Because of that, we build community by offering free classes, discount deals, and professional connections to grow careers.

Meticulous Equipment

Our rental and warehouse teams are paperless, digitized, and optimized to offer the easiest rental experience possible, and zero headaches. Many of our customers are repeat-renters because of our high-quality service.

Enthusiastic Service

Lightbulb is here for you. First, we answer our phones 24/7. Second, we dig up thorough answers for customer gear questions. Third, our vans deliver equipment across four states.  We provide top-quality crew that's as diverse as the communities we serve. We open early when customers ask, and we stay late if you get stuck in traffic.


About Us

Who We Are

Lightbulb Rentals is a Camera, Lighting, and Production Supplies rental house that caters to small-to-medium size shoots in NYC, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. We do this by teaching, building, and encouraging a community of independent filmmakers from diverse backgrounds.

We're big supporters of offering equitable opportunities to women, LGBT, and marginalized community members, and helping get passion projects off the ground.

Our Reviews

What our clients have to say

It's all 5-star reviews, on every review site.

Chris Lind

"Lightbulb is an excellent rental house. I am a freelance DP and Gaffer. The staff there is always very easy to work with and accommodating. I’ve shot several features using their equipment and everything is always very well maintained and clean in working condition."

Brandon Ripley

"Adam and his crew at Lightbulb are professional and courteous. They have always been super helpful and reliable in terms of service and the quality of gear they rent."

Dustin Ward

"Lightbulb Rentals focuses on the customer experience, making themselves available for any questions if you run into a snag on set. They also provide free education to local filmmakers. Definitely recommend!"

Evan Williams

"The personal attention and great selection means I couldn't recommend Lightbulb highly enough. Great team, great gear, and a great experience overall. I'd recommend them to anyone."

Greg Starr

"Superb customer service. They worked with us and our tight budget to make a package that would work for our needs. Highly recommend!"

Explore our Locations

Lightbulb Rentals Philadelphia is a one-stop shop for Film Productions, TV shows, Commercials, and Studio shoots.

We have a beautiful studio facility for commercial studio projects, photography projects, and inviting clients to film on our white cyc infinity wall and greenscreen cyc studio.

Lightbulb Rentals Pittsburgh services productions from large to small. They help Pittsburgh's Photographers, Cinematographers, and Directors access the camera and lighting tools they need to express their voices.

Lightbulb Rentals New York City is our flagship location for Lighting equipment, Grip, Rigging, Expendables, and Production supplies.

We're happy to help you build a custom lighting package tailored to the needs of your shoot.

Our Team

Work With Us

We're always looking for skilled staff!  Our warehouse and rental teams are constantly growing.  We are looking to grow our staff with diverse backgrounds.  We look for detail-oriented, organized, and energetic crew members.

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1027 Grand Street - Unit #133
Brooklyn, New York 11211

(516) 515-1514

4562 Worth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124

(215) 687-9394

1917 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15210

(412) 212-0822