Web Design Credit

When Lightbulb needed a new website, we invested locally, and we're so over-the-moon with the results. We cannot recommend them enough!

Snowberry Media is an Erie PA website design and branding agency. They bring fresh insight and energy to projects for a better presence online –and offline.

Their sites are designed and built by the Snowberry team in Northwestern Pennsylvania. We focus on helping build brands that form a unique connection with people –your people. The team at Snowberry Media takes ideas and rolls them into a unique final product that packs personality and feels like you.

Brand Design Credit

When Lightbulb was trying to figure out how to make the leap from a small shop in NYC to a nationally-recognizable company, CultMethod helped us build our brand from the ground up.

Jon, the lead designer at CultMethod, is based in Sweden and has helped dozens of young brands find their voice and their path forward.

Jon took us on a journey of clarifying our major customers, understanding their needs, evaluating our competitive market, and then using that information to develop a definitive brand guide that helped us have a clear, consistent and unique voice, logos, colors, communication style, and presentation.

 We can't thank him enough for how much heart and care he put into helping us become the amazing brand we are today!