Kenko 36mm Auto Extension Tube DG for Canon EOS Lenses

3 Day Min. $29.00
Additional Days $10.00

Lightbulb Rentals offers Kenko Extension Tubes, an essential tool for macro photography enthusiasts. These tubes facilitate closer focusing distances than a lens’s standard minimum, effectively magnifying subjects and enabling nearly any lens to function as a macro lens without compromising its original optical quality.
Operating without additional optics, these extension tubes are positioned between the camera body and the lens. This added distance shifts the lens farther from the film or sensor plane, compelling it to focus significantly closer than usual. The length of the extension tube dictates how close the lens can focus, making it versatile for various macro photography needs.
Compatible specifically with Canon AF lenses, these Kenko Auto Extension Tubes preserve autofocus functionality, provided that the effective aperture remains at f/5.6 or brighter. This feature ensures seamless integration into your existing photography setup, enhancing your creative capabilities without sacrificing autofocus convenience.

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Small Lens Soft Case
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