4-lamp Bracket Kit with (4) Aputure 600x (BI-COLOR)

Daily $630.00
Weekly $1,890.00

The LS 600 Four Light Bracket for the Light Storm LS 600x Pro enables users to mount and control up to four LS 600x Pro or other high-output LED fixtures with Junior Mounting Pins on a single, heavy-duty aluminum frame. This setup unleashes up to 2400W of directional daylight-balanced light, providing a powerful lighting solution.
In addition to allowing panning and tilting of the entire fixture using dual heavy-duty rosette locks, the bracket features four junior pin receivers that enable independent pan-tilt adjustment for each lamp head. This versatility allows users to achieve a broader spread of light or concentrate high-intensity illumination in a specific direction.
By consolidating four LS 600x Pro fixtures onto a single stand or rigging point, filmmakers and lighting technicians can efficiently utilize space on set, especially useful when positioning multiple high-output lights at elevated heights. The bracket’s robust aluminum frame with a 28mm / 1.125in junior mounting pin ensures durability and stability, catering to professionals accustomed to working with large stands and rigging tools.