Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom



New York
Daily $25.00
Weekly $75.00

The Spotlight Mini Zoom is an adjustable beam angle projection lens designed for the LS 60d and LS 60x Focusing LEDs. By mounting the LS 60d or 60x onto the Spotlight Mini Zoom, the combined fixture gives users the ability to completely redefine the shape of their lighting.

The zoom functionality allows the Spotlight Mini Zoom to adjust between a 15° to 30° beam spread, giving users an effective 2x zoom range, with an illumination circle with a diameter of 1.4m to 2.8m from 5m away.

Like any proper projection lens for lighting, the Spotlight Mini Zoom is the filmmakers’ scalpel, with each blade of its 4-leaf shutter design allowing users to achieve accurate cuts and light shaping.

Compatible with M-Size Gobos, the Spotlight Mini Zoom, includes a Gobo holder, and 15 different gobo patterns give filmmakers ultimate flexibility and creativity in their lighting design.

An 18-leaf Iris is an essential addition to the Spotlight Mini Zoom that allows users to further control the size of the illumination circle and tighten the beam spread with incredible ease.