Astera Helios: (8) Bulb Kit

Daily $450.00
Weekly $1,350.00

Astera Helios 8 bulb Kit from Lightbulb Rentals is a set of RGB LED Light fixtures that are ideal for creating a soft and direct light on your subject. It’s best for use as an accent light or design element on location or on set. Suitable for cine, theatrical, and event productions, the wireless tube is powered by an integrated LG Chem Li-ion battery that will give you 20 hours of runtime on a three-hour charge. The light features 16 LED emitters in a 21.6″ long tube that you can mount onto a set or on a stand, hang from a grid, or even hold in your bare hand. Helios Tubes have an impressive CRI/TLCI rating of 96/96 indicating high accuracy in the rendition of color. The Helios Kit uses RGB, mint, and amber LEDs as well as hue, saturation, and intensity control to access millions of custom colors.

Color and control are at the heart of the Helios Tube’s design. The tube has an expansive white light range of 1750 to 20,000K to seamlessly blend into any ambient light situation, or just to exercise creative expression. You can make these adjustments locally on the fixture, or remotely via several ways such as from a console with Helios tubes wired to it. Wireless DMX, CRMX, and other types of units can adjust functions at distances up to 990′. There’s also an AsteraApp that lets you control the light via Bluetooth and IR control via an optional remote. Lightbulb Rentals provides a wireless CRMX box along with a tablet in every order containing Astera units.

These fixtures come in an 8 bulb carry case which also doubles as a charging case. With only three hours of charging, the tube has a maximum of 20 hours of runtime. Astera’s technology allows the light to be programmed to last at maximum output for however long needed to ensure battery life for an entire shoot day. The case also comes with two (2) eye bolts, cotter pins, brass studs which double as baby pins, and bulb holders for each light, along with one (1) X-stand per fixture.

Type: LED Tube/Wand
Model: Helios
Power: 24w, Battery
Weight: 1.7lbs
Dimensions: 1.8’
Color: Full RGB, Effects

Optional Accessories

Astera Tube Wing Plate (Set of 8)
Daily $20.00
Weekly $60.00
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Astera Tube Wing Plate (Set of 4)
Daily $15.00
Weekly $45.00
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Astera Titan/Helios: Single Charger (100-240V, 1.5A)
Daily $5.00
Weekly $15.00
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