Cooke 180mm Anamorphic/i T2.9 1.8x Full Frame Plus Lens

Daily $600.00
Weekly $1,800.00

The Cooke 180mm Anamorphic/i T2.9 1.8x Full Frame Plus Lens at Lightbulb Rentals provides an anamorphic version of the classic, natural yet sharp “Cooke look”. Designed for both digital cinema and film use, the Cooke Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus primes cover image formats up to full frame. Each prime lens provides a 1.8x squeeze that rides a sweet spot between optimal pixel capture and a classic anamorphic look. For maximum optical performance, aberration, flare, and distortion control extend over the entire image area and throughout the 180mm’s T2.3-T22 aperture range. The Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus primes are color-balanced and color-matched with other Cooke lens series.

Each lens sports both a hardened PL mount and a cable connection that use Cooke’s /i Technology to transmit lens data to compatible cameras. Lens setting data including focal length, aperture, focus, depth of field, and more are provided in both feet and metric measurements.

The 180mm Anamorphic/i Plus prime lens features a 5.3′ minimum focus from the lens front, engraved focus markings in feet on one side and meters on the other, and a hard, anodized finish. The lens is constructed with 0.8 MOD geared focus and iris rings, for use with follow focus, zoom control, and wireless FIZ systems. A large lens barrel with 270° of rotation, an increased number of focus marks, and Cooke’s cam-style focus movement enable precise focus pulls. Most of the Cooke anamorphic series, including this 180mm prime, share a common 110mm size front diameter.

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