Hostess Tray: Modern Studio Deluxe Kit

Daily $175.00
Weekly $525.00

Hostess Tray: Modern Studio Deluxe Kit from Lightbulb Rentals is an essential component to car rigging. Our Deluxe Side Mount/Hostess Tray features an adjustable cheese plate and user-friendly design, it is by far the most versatile mount in the industry. This great piece of gear is a heavyweight and quite robust, and is MUCH more stable than suction cup / tarantula mounts. The platform allows for mounting a camera or lighting in the window frame of a vehicle. Great of over-the-shoulder shots of characters driving in cars. Lots of mounting points for tie-downs and support. Will easily handle very large payloads and camera rigs. This Mount offers a quick and easy set up and can be adjusted without disassembling the whole rig thanks to a simple design.