INFINIBAR Multi-Light Shaping Kit

Daily $200.00
Weekly $600.00

Using the INFINIBAR Multi-Light Shaping Kit from Lightbulb Rentals, you can create custom Lighting Fixture Shapes Using Aputure INFINIBAR Pixel Bar Lights.
Flat and 3D Shape Connector Options Included
Features 3-Way, 4-Way, and 6-Way Flat Spinning Connectors Ideal for Practical Lighting Effects
DC Power Passthrough on Each Connector Allows Coupled INFINIBARS to Share Power
All-Metal Connector Construction


The Aputure INFINIBAR is a full-color LED bar that boasts a fully tunable CCT from 2,000K to 10,000K. Whether used independently or linked together, the bar’s built-in magnets, INFINIBAR Rail, and Baby Pin Clamp system, plus two threads, allow for easy mounting. You can even use the Sidus Link app, DMX/RDM, or LumenRadio CRMX to toggle between different light modes or customize your presets for quick access. Its sleek, flat design offers full creative freedom for filmmakers and photographers alike.

amaran Battery Powered RGBWW Color LED Pixel Tube Series:
Amaran’s first-ever full-color LED pixel tube series. The Pixel Tube series is comprised of a family of 1-foot, 2-foot, and 4-foot lengths – all featuring multiple Pixel FX, RGBWW color quality, Sidus Link app & DMX1 control, and USBC rechargeable batteries packed into their sleek & slender form factor. The amaran PT series are compact and versatile tube lights that will unleash creativity and unlock an infinite range of possibilities. Outshining other lights in its class, they features 4 built-in pixels that can be independently controlled via the Sidus Link app and 7 pre-programmed Pixel FX for a variety of scenarios, in addition to 9 SystemFX.

Amaran COB S ultra-compact Daylight & Bi-Color Bowens Mount LEDs:
Combine INFINIBAR connectors and build custom lighting fixture shapes with the Multi-Light Shaping Kit, which features nine different connectors for joining the PB3, PB6, and PB12 light panels in production-tailored designs.

The connectors also feature DC power passthrough, allowing connected INFINIBARs to share the same power supply. The all-metal fixture-building hardware comes in a hard case along with the requisite 1/4-20″ eye-bolts and a 5mm hex wrench.