Joker 2 800W Spot/Flood Zoom Beamer Attachment

Daily $50.00
Weekly $150.00

Joker 2 800W Spot/Flood Zoom Beamer Attachment from Lightbulb Rentals offers full spot/flood control minus the hassle of changing lenses with the Joker2 800 Zoom Kit from K 5600 Lighting. Built around a Joker2 800W Head with an HMI lamp, this kit stars the Zoom Beamer, an optical accessory that focuses the Joker2’s open face to project an even beam from 15 to 55° without any lenses. The head is powered by the included dimmable ballast. The high-speed ballast has 300 and 1000 Hz frequencies, and offers built-in wireless DMX control via LumenRadio, allowing you control by using a smartphone or tablet. Further accessories included in the kit are a 25′ head feeder extension cable, which will come in handy whenever you want to boom your Joker2 or put it in a hard-to-reach place, and a frosted glass beaker, which can be used instead of the clear glass beaker to get a nice diffused soft effect right at the source. Also provided are full double and single scrims, a four-leaf barndoor, a beaker safety wire, a scrim bag, and a carrying case.

Included Accessories