Quasar 4′ Bi-Color Tube

Daily $35.00
Weekly $105.00

Quasar 4′ Bi-Color Tube from Lightbulb Rentals is an LED Lamp that offers a low profile yet broad lighting source that is capable of providing everything from traditional 3 point subject lighting to architectural accents and general area lighting. The Quasar Crossfade is a 100W linear LED tube with an expanded bi-color range of 2000-6000K. The lamps can be stacked in large, custom-configured arrays, and may also be used to retrofit existing Kino Flo light units. Whether lighting actors or lighting environments, the versatility is undeniable. They can operate as a single tube or ganged together for a large light source. Best of all the Quasar Tubes are rugged, built with an aluminum frame and plastic front diffuser.

Included Accessories

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