Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens

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Experience the full capability of macro photography with the Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens, available at Lightbulb Rentals. This lens is tailored for full-frame cameras and offers a true macro design with a 1:1 magnification ratio, ensuring exceptional sharpness and pleasing bokeh. Here’s a detailed look at its features:
True Macro Design: Achieves a life-size 1:1 magnification ratio, ideal for capturing intricate details of small subjects.
Close Focusing Performance: Allows for a minimum focusing distance of 11 inches, enabling close-up photography with stunning clarity.
Magnification Scale: Printed on the lens for precise technical applications and accurate composition.
Focus Range Limiter Switch: Offers flexibility by restricting the focus range to 11-19.7 inches, 19.7 inches to infinity, or full range based on shooting needs.
Dual Function Focusing Ring: Enables quick switching between manual and autofocus modes by sliding the focusing ring forwards or backwards.
Internal Focusing Design: Maintains the lens’s overall length during focusing, enhancing focus accuracy and ease of use, particularly beneficial when working with delicate subjects.
As a member of Sony’s G series, this lens balances sharpness and bokeh for superior image quality across the frame. It’s equipped with advanced autofocus capabilities and intuitive handling, making it an excellent choice for both technical macro photography and creative close-up shots.

Optional Accessories

Small Lens Soft Case
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