Tiffen Graduated Sunrise Filter (72mm)

Daily $5.00
Weekly $15.00

The Tiffen 72mm Graduated Sunrise Filter, available at Lightbulb Rentals, features a unique half-color, half-clear design in a rotating mount, allowing for a graduated transition that seamlessly blends into the scene. Part of Tiffen’s acclaimed series of Color Graduated filters, it is renowned for its ability to enhance reality by adding subtle or dramatic effects to images.
This filter is particularly effective in adding vibrancy and warmth to scenes, such as enhancing the colors of a sunrise with its yellow-orange tones. It provides photographers with the capability to inject more “punch” into ordinary scenes, transforming them into visually compelling compositions.
Tiffen’s Graduated filters are essential tools for photographers seeking precise control over light and color balance in landscapes or other challenging lighting conditions. By selectively adjusting the intensity of light across different parts of an image, these filters enable photographers to achieve balanced exposures and creative effects without extensive post-processing.
Renowned in the industry for their quality and reliability, Tiffen filters are proudly made in the USA and come backed by a solid 10-year warranty, making them a preferred choice among professionals and enthusiasts alike for achieving exceptional image quality and creative control.

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