Vinten Vision Blue 5 Tripod (75mm Bowl)

Daily $45.00
Weekly $135.00

The Vision blue5 camera support system, available at Lightbulb Rentals, is engineered for exceptional performance, ensuring uncompromising quality synonymous with Vinten systems.
It features an ‘infinitely variable’ LF drag system that facilitates smooth and precise framing, allowing for on-demand whip pan movements. The Vision blue5’s perfect balancing system provides complete control over camera movements, enhancing operational flexibility.
For ease of setup, the system includes an illuminated leveling bubble, enabling quick and convenient adjustments on location. Additionally, the Vision blue5 system is offered with a two-stage Pozi-Loc tripod, a mid-level spreader, and a branded soft case, providing a comprehensive package for professional videographers and filmmakers.
With its robust design and advanced features, the Vision blue5 camera support system is tailored to meet the demands of high-quality video production, ensuring reliability and versatility in various shooting environments.