Wooden Camera Director’s Cage v2

Daily $30.00
Weekly $90.00

The Wooden Camera Director’s Monitor Cage from Lightbulb Rentals accommodates LCD on-camera monitors up to 9 inches, providing secure handling for directors or anyone needing a personal monitor on set. It features dual carbon fiber handgrips, aluminum rods, a padded neck strap, and a swing-away design that facilitates easy access to the monitor’s rear, ensuring comfort and convenience.
Using a universal plate system, the cage mounts your monitor via 1/4″-20 mounting points on the side, top, or bottom. It supports optional V-mount or Gold mount plates for battery power and offers ample space for wireless equipment, allowing freedom of movement during shoots.
This third version of the Wooden Camera Director’s Monitor Cage includes mounting capabilities for Convergent Design Odyssey or Apollo monitor/recorders and includes a collapsible sun hood. When mounted, the cage preserves full access to your monitor’s front panel controls. Additionally, it features a built-in Baby pin receiver for easy mounting on a C-stand.